Our homes are decorated even before we even buy them. Everything is pre-planned in our minds – the colour scheme, the furniture, the material, etc. A well-planned home testifies your style, choice, and personality and so you want to choose only the best without any compromises. Among the luxury homes in Pune, the Capricorn Group brings to you Green Park in Kondhwa, a spacious residential project that helps you fulfil the desires of your perfect home. A few tips that would help you beautify your home at the best –


Your mind needs to be in sync with your output. For the vibe to kick in, a theme is the first thing to plan. Be it vintage, minimalistic, vibrant, black-white, contemporary, etc, a theme is important to be decided before any further arrangements are made. Once the theme is fixed, the décor pieces, furniture, colour schemes, all fall in place, or at the least gives you a direction.


Once your theme is decided, you would want to explore your option in the colour palette. Colours play a distinctive role in different locations of your home, and so you must take your time to choose the best combinations – be it neutral, bright, or deep.


The theme and colour combination is one of the most important and tedious tasks, and once that is done, we can move onto embellishing our home with furniture and accessories. A well-functioning house can be determined by the way your lights and décor are placed. A spacious, comfortable, and extensive home does not only come with the architecture but also with the way you place your furniture. With proper lighting, conglomerated with the natural light, you can set a perfect illusion of a more spacious home.


By adding intriguing items, unique linens, antiques, lavish curtains, or souvenirs, you can give your home an exciting touch. You can also add plants, be it aesthetical or medicinal since they never fail to refresh our homes. Similarly, a captivating magazine shelf, or a cabinet full of different types of glasses, could bring some interesting impression to your home, lifestyle, and choices.  Mirrors, photo frames, wall art, and unique decoration pieces placed properly in your home can give an utmost feeling of warm and fuzzy.

We add garnish to our food to make it taste better, and similarly adding texture to your living space can make it livelier. Capricorn Group reflects the taste of a contemporary lifestyle with its expansively built homes and lavish amenities just as your desire.

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