Udaipur - Rajasthan

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Venice of the East

AS The historical capital of the kingdom of Mewar, Udaipur is often considered to be as one of the most fascinating places in India due to its richness of history, culture, scenic locations, and monuments.

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Tourism Hotspot

Udaipur’s exceptional history makes it one of the most visited places. It is especially known for its beautiful lakes and jeweled palaces that tell the story of the city’s regal past.
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Our plan is to remodel this site into a Marriott Courtyard Hotel with 286 rooms. This has already been put in motion. Spread over an area of 3 acres, this land is located in the Ambaveri village. This strategic positioning allows anyone to effortlessly commute to the main city as well as revel in the natural splendor the site has to offer. For further smooth execution of the project development we have already equipped ourselves with the necessary certifications and approvals.

  • Tourism Approval Certificate from Rajasthan Government, Dt. 18/01/2008
  • First in receiving the Height NOC approval for 38.550 meters from the Airport Authority & Aviation Ministry Delhi, Dt. 23/03/2010
  • Gram panchayat Project Approval NOC, Dt. 5/11/2008 and Collector N.A. Order under Tourism Unit, Dt. 19/07/2010
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An Antique

Udaipur - Rajasthan

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