The joy of having a constant companion by your side is matchless. While some prefer a company of like-minded humans, many enjoy the unconditional love of a pet. Having a pet builds a sense of warmth, confidence, and companionship. Like us, pets too need a safe, sound, and comfortable environment around them where they can play and grow.

With furry friends come responsibilities of proper space, expansive surroundings, and secure society, which we, at Capricorn Group, understand. Designing a society like the Green Park in Kondhwa is not only a perk for the residents to enjoy, but is also a haven for the pets.  A playground where you can watch over your children and take your pet for a walk, a jogger’s track for your morning jog with your pet, or a duet yoga session with your pet amidst the clear sky and lush green garden – it sounds like just another ravishing day at Green Park. Here are a few safety tips that you can incorporate in your home for your pets.


You may have a keen interest in collecting antiques, showpieces, and fragile souvenirs, and its best to secure them on the topmost shelf with your furry friend around you. Pets are quite fidgety and it is very hard to monitor them constantly, and securing breakable items such as those mentioned is of utmost importance. Apart from costly items, daily objects like detergents, sprays, medicines, etc, should also be kept far from your pet’s reach.


Beautiful carpet, expensive rugs, and luxurious tapestries add a magnificent touch to your home, and a tempting one to your pets. Wooden floors and textured tiles are always a good option for them instead of any fabric materials. Not only are there high chances of the precious carpets being spoilt but if kept, it may infect the pets that have the maximum contact to the floor.


To maintain your home as desired, especially with pets around all day, it is advised to have all your open and loose ends tied up. Install latches in sensitive areas like kitchen or bathrooms, cover garbage areas, keep a check on the washing areas, make sure all the wires are intact so that your furry friends can move around freely.


Expansive spaces like at the Green Park help pets to move around freely, enjoy their personal space, and play with their other friends. Just like us who enjoy our ‘me-time’, pets too relish their personal space.

With these tips and tricks, you can keep your pets absolutely safe. Since the top developers of Pune – the Capricorn Group is known for its lavish and lush green projects, your pet can live a comfortable life, just like you.

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